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How to Sand Wooden Floors

By woodfloo On January 15, 2018 No Comments

When looking for tips on floor sanding services there is often a range of detailed and complicated information. The likelihood is that you will be left so confused that you will be put off the process. There is absolutely no reason as to why this should happen.

There is a lot of information available. However, it is our responsibility to make sure that you are made aware of the details you need and that you are not bothered with all of the rest. This is how we have built up our reputation. We offer an exceptional service, providing brilliant finishes accompanied with details that benefit our clients.

Floor Sander LincolnWe compiled a 10 Step Process to restoring wooden floors;

  • Step 1 – we make sure all nails are tapped down. We remove any loose grit and remove door strips
  • Step 2 – to check there are no loose boards and secure where necessary
  • Step 3 – we start the sanding process with our dust free belt sander. If the floor is uneven we will start at a forty-five degree angle straightening up till we are happy the floor is even and any indentations are removed. We will then go along the boards going up through 4 or 5 different grits off sand paper until we are happy with the finish
  • Step 4 – an edger is then used to reach the bits that could not be reached with the belt sander until we are happy of a good finish along the edges
  • Step 5 – all corners are scraped or sanded
  • Step 6 – an orbiter sander is then used on the edges to achieve the best finish possible
  • Step 7 – a rotary machine is then used with a multi hole pad to achieve the smoothest finish possible
  • Step 8 – a primer is applied. Once dried, the first coat of finish is applied and left to dry until the next day
  • Step 9 – a rotary is then used to flat back the floor and create a good surface for the last 2 coats
  • Step 10 – the last two coats of finish are applied

If you would like our help to restore your wooden floors call us today on 0845 4599941.

Floor Sanding Services

By woodfloo On December 15, 2017 No Comments

Wood floors are a really attractive floor covering. So many homes and business elect to have this as their chosen floor type. Why is this? They are warmer underfoot than stone tiles and they can weather better than carpet. There is an additional benefit that wooden flooring can also be sanded when it comes to the time that it starts to look dull.

Floor Sander YorkshireIt may also be the case that your wood floor has been damaged. Scratches and scuffs look really unsightly. We have devised comprehensive floor sanding services that provide a fast and efficient provision to breathe new life into your wood floors.

Floor Sanding Process

Once we have completed the survey on your flooring and arrange a date for the work to start we will discuss any preparation that is required.

We always ask that smaller items in the room are removed prior to our arrival. We realise that it can sometimes be more challenging to move larger items like sideboards and suites, so we will always help where possible. All boards are checked to ensure that they are fixed appropriately, and any possible protruding nails are dealt with.

This preparation allows us to be efficient with our time. The room is then prepared fully. This may mean that kickboards are removed (if restoring a kitchen floor) or that fireplace surrounds are protected with sheeting. Each job is approached in an individual manner to ensure that the surroundings are kept safe during the floor sanding process.

Our industrial sanding machinery provides a brilliant finish and is dust free. Our range of machinery works to remove the top layers of the damaged wooden boards. Once removed, a fresh surface is revealed. This surface is then treated with highest-grade wood floor products.

Have you got questions about the products that we use and how you are best to select the right wood finish for you? Call today on 0845 4599941 to find out more and to arrange your free survey.

Parquet Floor Sanding Leeds

By woodfloo On July 27, 2017 No Comments

Parquet flooring has an interesting past and stems from the French word parqueterie. Its history spans all the way back to the 1600’s. Parquet floors are essentially small blocks or strips of wooden boards that are laid to make a pattern. This pattern can be regular or geometric and can create some of the most spectacular floors and has been likened to mosaic floors.

Floor Sander LeedsWhilst it is often the advice that laying a parquet floor should not be an experience for a DIY’er, this is also the case for restoring them. Due to the way that they are laid and the fact that sometimes individual boards or blocks can be damaged, DIY restoration is steeped with challenges.

It may be that some blocks have become loose over time. Prior to any wood restoration or floor sanding work commencing, all boards should be checked to ensure that they are appropriately fixed.

We were asked to fully restore this beautiful Parquet floor in Leeds. This pattern type is called Herringbone and is arguably one of the most popular pattern types. It remains to be very popular and can be seen in many high-end properties.

Floor Sanding LeedsAs with many of our other completed jobs, this floor sanding work was part of a larger restoration project. The flooring has been unveiled and our client identified the potential in the floor straight away. They were incredibly accurate with their vision and once the old layers and coatings were removed, the beautiful boards were revealed.

The grain pattern and general quality of these boards were incredible. They had been hidden under other flooring types for so long that their potential had clearly been forgotten. We always look to offer advice on general cleaning once the boards have been restored and finished. Wood floors should be regularly cleaned using a hover and a damp cloth. If you would like to find out more about our floor sanding service we invite you to call today on 0845 4599941.

Restoring Wooden Stairs Leeds

By woodfloo On July 26, 2017 No Comments

We often discuss the wood floor restoration that we complete and the transformations we achieve. There are many reasons as to why individuals look to restore their wooden surfaces. These may be:

  • Restoring Wooden Stairs LeedsTo further protect the wooden surface from wear and tear or damage. Once the surface layers of protection have been worn away, the natural wood is revealed and can easily be damaged.

    The reason that wooden surfaces are finished is to protect the product and this is a really important role. All wood finishes need to be re-applied and the surface monitored for any deterioration.

  • To look for a transformation. It may be that a floor or surface has become dated. It may be that an individual is looking for a cost-effective way of bringing character to a space.

    Either way an area of your home can be completely altered with a simple and straightforward consideration.

Wood Restoration LeedsThis was certainly the case with this wood restoration project we took on in Leeds. The original image shows the dated aesthetic appearance of these wooden steps. We knew that a full restoration job alongside some modernisations would really transform their look.

To start with the stair tread trim was removed in order to be replaced with a wooden alternative. All surfaces were then fully sanded with our dustless sanding system. This provided a smooth and even surface to be finished. A hard-wearing alternative was needed to suit the use of the space.

Are you looking for a wood floor sander? We serve Leeds, Lincoln, Hull and West Yorkshire and have time-served experience in the trade. It is our responsibility to ensure the smooth running of your floor sanding project and to deliver a finish that is unrivalled by our competition. We invite you to contact us today on 0845 4599941. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Wood Floor Restorer Hull

By woodfloo On May 16, 2017 No Comments

There are many avenues to explore when considering restoring the wooden floors in your home. The desired result, however, is one of a transformed floor that looks great and stands the test of time.

Wood Floor Restorer HullThis is where our professional services really do offer superior results as your wooden floors are skilfully restored. Our best advice would be to get in contact to enquire about how we can help restore your floors.

This may sound as though it is a bit of a sales pitch; but we remain confident that we can provide you with an extremely high-levelled service. Having confidence in our ability to restore all types of wooden floors for both domestic and commercial properties comes from hard work and experience.

Wood Floor Restoration HullThis has allowed us to build up a skillset that we believe is second to none and one that has allowed us to grow an extremely successful reputation around. Our clients experience is important and this is always taken into account as well as restoring their once beautiful floors.

It is not good enough just to achieve incredible finishes; our clients experience of our Company is also vital.

Have you got a question or would you like to enquire about a floor sanding job you have been considering? We will be happy to help; call us today on 0845 4599941.

We recently restored this aged floor in Hull. The location of the floor had meant that it was used regularly and therefore showed the aging signs of this. Don’t live with floors that have lost all their protective coverings. Wood finishes can be cared for and maintained so that they act as a barrier against use and wear.

The images show the transformation that we achieved. The floor was almost unrecognisable once we left. Another happy client with a wood floor to be proud of!