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Wood Floor Restorer Hull

By On May 16, 2017 No Comments

There are many avenues to explore when considering restoring the wooden floors in your home. The desired result, however, is one of a transformed floor that looks great and stands the test of time.

Wood Floor Restorer HullThis is where our professional services really do offer superior results as your wooden floors are skilfully restored. Our best advice would be to get in contact to enquire about how we can help restore your floors.

This may sound as though it is a bit of a sales pitch; but we remain confident that we can provide you with an extremely high-levelled service. Having confidence in our ability to restore all types of wooden floors for both domestic and commercial properties comes from hard work and experience.

Wood Floor Restoration HullThis has allowed us to build up a skillset that we believe is second to none and one that has allowed us to grow an extremely successful reputation around. Our clients experience is important and this is always taken into account as well as restoring their once beautiful floors.

It is not good enough just to achieve incredible finishes; our clients experience of our Company is also vital.

Have you got a question or would you like to enquire about a floor sanding job you have been considering? We will be happy to help; call us today on 0845 4599941.

We recently restored this aged floor in Hull. The location of the floor had meant that it was used regularly and therefore showed the aging signs of this. Don’t live with floors that have lost all their protective coverings. Wood finishes can be cared for and maintained so that they act as a barrier against use and wear.

The images show the transformation that we achieved. The floor was almost unrecognisable once we left. Another happy client with a wood floor to be proud of!

Sanding Parquet Flooring Leeds

By On April 25, 2017 No Comments

During the process of wood restoration, you are able to select an entirely different wood finish. Did you know that? When the wood boards are fully sanded they are taken back to their most-natural finish.

Restoring Parquet Flooring LeedsOnce this has been done a wood stain or wood finish can be applied that can completely alter the look and appearance of your wood floor.

Last week we completed this commercial floor sanding job in Leeds. Again, when we arrived the floor looked in a generally deteriorated state. As well as the general wear, the floor had a dark finish applied.

Our clients decided that they wanted to fully restore the floor and finish it with a more natural looking finish. This would inevitably brighten the feel of the room and lift it.

It is important when completing our commercial floor sanding work that it is completed in timescales that match the requirements of our clients. This may be that work needs to be done in times where the business is either closed or at its quietest.

Either way, we work with our clients in order to take all aspects into consideration, where possible. The parquet floor was sanded with our dust free sanding system.

Sanding Parquet Floors LeedsAs the name suggests this means that the dust created in the sanding process is removed into a filtration system. Why is this good? It means that there is less mess for our clients, we are able to monitor our work better and minimises the timescales that we need to be present.

Parquet flooring is incredibly popular and still remains as one of the most sought after wood flooring types. It is thought to be a sophisticated choice and creates a statement for anywhere it is laid.

Careful consideration is required when restoring it as any errors can damage the individual boards.

Our experience and passion for as expert floor sanders means that we are best-equipped to complete the task. We will achieve superior results, whilst ensuring that you, our customer, experiences the highest level of customer care. Call today on 0845 4599941 for more information.

Sanding Oak Flooring Leeds

By On April 18, 2017 No Comments

We are specialists at sanding and restoring oak flooring for Leeds, Lincoln, Hull and West Yorkshire. We are passionate about beautiful oak floors and ensuring that worn, scratched or damaged floors can be restored. Why is this important?

Restoring Oak Floors LincolnWooden floors are so popular and are laid within so many homes and businesses. Daily life means that these floors are faced with challenges that can deteriorate and affect their appearance. This does not need to be a permanent condition.

Even the highest quality oak floors can experience damage which will mean that they are left generally unsightly. The floor sanding work that we complete is always completed to achieve the best possible finish.

When we arrived to complete this wood floor restoration project, it was evident that furniture and wear had damaged this oak floor. The first image shows areas where the wood finish had been removed. There were deep scratches and the finish had generally discoloured.

Sanding Oak Floors LeedsThis left a less-than-satisfactory appearance. Movement of furniture can easily damage the surface of the wood boards. Heavy furniture will quite literally scratch the existing surface from the boards.

If furniture is left in any particular area for any period of time then it is likely the surface underneath will end up being a different colour to the rest of the floor. Sun damage will alter the appearance of the floor and general usage will be less.

This oak floor was fully sanded with our expert sanding machinery. This revealed a new layer which was then prepared for finishing. Our client selected an oil wood finish. This brought out the beautiful natural wood grain and gave a completely different appearance to the original floor.

These images show how wood floors can be transformed through the floor restoration process. We are passionate about delivering an exceptional service with ongoing customer care. Please call today on 0845 4599941.

Your Wood Finishing Cheat Sheet

By On March 27, 2017 No Comments

The process of sanding and restoring your wooden floor is absolutely incredible. Once this process has been completed, another phase of the restoration comes into play. This process finishes the floor and leaves it equipped to tackle the daily wear and tear that it will inevitably encounter.

The wood finishing process is fascinating as it allows the opportunity to create a unique and bespoke appearance. Some may not know this; but wood finishes can be tailored to compliment your existing décor. There are an incredible range of wood finish products available. Our expertise in this field has also allowed us to offer fully bespoke finishes that match any individual requirements.

Wooden Floor Finishes LeedsPrior to deciding any particular product finish, it is important first that the usage of the space is considered. Varying finishes offer different levels of durability and sheen. Different products are better-matched to higher foot traffic areas and others are more suitable for a particular appearance.

It is important to remember, however, that there will be a finish that suitably reflects the appearance you are looking to achieve and will offer a durable finish.

Another element to consider is the fact that the process of sanding wooden floors prior to the application of any finish is pivotal. Any previous coatings need to be fully removed and the surface prepared appropriately. In this instance, the floor sanding process is the preparation to the finish so this is a prime example of where preparation is key. The floor needs to be sanded seamlessly so that when the finish is applied, it continues to offer a flawless appearance.

When applying any finish product, it is important to always work with the grain of the wood. This avoids streaks and will only work to enhance the beautiful grain of your wood boards.

Whilst this offers an insight into the world of wood finish products, it is our job to ensure that our clients are well-informed to make an educated decision. We offer full support throughout this process to ensure the smooth running of the project. Call today on 0845 4599941 to find out more information

Wood Floor Renovation Specialists Leeds

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