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Sanding Parquet Flooring Leeds

By woodfloo On April 25, 2017 No Comments

During the process of wood restoration, you are able to select an entirely different wood finish. Did you know that? When the wood boards are fully sanded they are taken back to their most-natural finish.

Restoring Parquet Flooring LeedsOnce this has been done a wood stain or wood finish can be applied that can completely alter the look and appearance of your wood floor.

Last week we completed this commercial floor sanding job in Leeds. Again, when we arrived the floor looked in a generally deteriorated state. As well as the general wear, the floor had a dark finish applied.

Our clients decided that they wanted to fully restore the floor and finish it with a more natural looking finish. This would inevitably brighten the feel of the room and lift it.

It is important when completing our commercial floor sanding work that it is completed in timescales that match the requirements of our clients. This may be that work needs to be done in times where the business is either closed or at its quietest.

Either way, we work with our clients in order to take all aspects into consideration, where possible. The parquet floor was sanded with our dust free sanding system.

Sanding Parquet Floors LeedsAs the name suggests this means that the dust created in the sanding process is removed into a filtration system. Why is this good? It means that there is less mess for our clients, we are able to monitor our work better and minimises the timescales that we need to be present.

Parquet flooring is incredibly popular and still remains as one of the most sought after wood flooring types. It is thought to be a sophisticated choice and creates a statement for anywhere it is laid.

Careful consideration is required when restoring it as any errors can damage the individual boards.

Our experience and passion for as expert floor sanders means that we are best-equipped to complete the task. We will achieve superior results, whilst ensuring that you, our customer, experiences the highest level of customer care. Call today on 0845 4599941 for more information.

Restoring Parquet Flooring Leeds

By woodfloo On December 8, 2016 No Comments

Parquet floors are considered to be beautiful and sophisticated. Many of which can be found in premises such as schools, churches, universities and other cultured buildings. This often means that the owners of the buildings are very adoring of their floor. This is where restoration plays such a pivotal role.

We were contacted about restoring this parquet flooring in Leeds. Our clients were unsure of what the floor would look like once it had been sanded. This was due to the fact that the dirt build-up had occurred over many years.

We arranged to complete a survey of this floor and as part of this we discussed completing a sample area. This would allow us the opportunity to show our clients the transformation that could be achieved.

Dust free floor sanding LeedsAll old coatings and the surface layer of the wood was removed with our sanding machinery. The process to complete the wood sanding sample was relatively quick. However, the results were extreme.

The individual boards were stripped back of the dirt that had built up over so many years. At this point our client commented that they didn’t even realise that their floor was naturally that colour.

From this point we were able to discuss wood finishes that would best compliment their individual usage. Any floor in a commercial setting needs to be finished with a hard-wearing and long-lasting wood finish.

This means that our clients receive true value for money. We are specialist commercial floor sanders and we are able to offer comprehensive services for both large and small wood floor restoration jobs.

Whatever the size of the job we will always go the extra mile to ensure that finish is second-to-none. You, our client, will be treated with respect and we will endeavour to ensure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

If you have a floor sanding job that you would like us to quote we invite you to call today on 0845 4599941.

Commercial Floor Sanders Leeds

By woodfloo On March 3, 2016 No Comments

When making the decision to lay a wood floor, it is important that you strive to fit the best-quality wood that fits within your individual budget. This advice is for a number of reasons but will leave you with a better looking floor, for longer.

Wood Floor Restoration West YorkshireThere is no doubt that there is a comprehensive product selection available for both hardwood flooring and soft wood flooring alternatives. So look for a manufacturer or supplier that will offer the highest quality, individual customisation and competitive pricing.

Wood floors in commercial settings are going to experience high foot traffic, exceptional levels of wear and tear and a general disregard to the general care of the floor by visitors. Therefore a hardwood alternative would be best-suited to a commercial environment.

We were invited to complete our expert floor sanding provision on this wood floor in Leeds. This restaurant and bar was fitted throughout with beautiful wood. Social places such as this one tend to be similarly decorated because of a few different reasons; it provides a great look, warmth and acoustic benefits.

Wood Floor Restoration LeedsWhen laid correctly and skilfully restored; wood flooring can last a lifetime. Straightforward maintenance and care of a commercial wood floor keeps them looking at their best and this information is always given after we have completed our wood floor restoration work.

Whilst some wear and tear is unavoidable in a commercial premises; our aim is to provide our clients with a long-lasting wood floor that will stand the test of time. The times between full restoration or refinishing will then be elongated, offering value for money.


Keep on top of routine cleaning by removing occasional scuffs or marks with professional cleaning products. This will ensure that your wood finish will not dull.

Please call today to request information about our floor sanding services on 0845 4599941.

Wood Floor Sander Leeds

By woodfloo On February 15, 2016 No Comments

Here is some interesting information about wood floors;

  • It is believed that estate agencies in the UK state that homes with wood floors sell much faster and for more money than those without
  • It was almost a century ago that the first mechanical sanding machine was built
  • Solid boards can be refinished upwards of ten times
  • With correct care a wood floor is likely to be able to last a lifetime
  • A harder wood is less likely to suffer dents

This image shows a wood floor sanding job that we completed in Leeds. When we arrived to complete the work the boards were in a very deteriorated state. We were unable to save some of the boards so we completed repairs where the wood boards were rotten.

Wood Floor Sanding HullThis provided us with healthy boards, capable to deal with the floor sanding process and able to stand the test of time once refinished.

The entire floor was then sanded with our top of the range dust free sanding system. It is an understatement to say that the technology behind sanding wood floors has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.

Every advancement allows us, professional sanders, to continuously ensure that we’re offering the most superior service available. Some of the machinery that we use can be seen in these images. Investment in such equipment is pivotal to the overall success of our workmanship.

Once the sanding process had been completed the boards were finished with a durable and long-lasting wood finish. The wood floor was almost unrecognisable after completion and the images show just that.

We serve all areas between Leeds, Lincoln and Hull. Demand for our services has taken us further afield so if you would like to request a detailed quotation we would urge you to call 0845 4599941.

Commercial Floor Sanding Services West Yorkshire

By woodfloo On August 21, 2015 No Comments

A wood floor that is laid in a busy commercial setting is likely to become worn and dull, leaving a less than impressive floor. The likelihood is that if wooden floors are laid in your business property that it was selected due to its durability and natural appearance.

Floor Sander HuddersfieldEven the most durable wood floors require attention to ensure that they are kept looking at their best. It is important to maintain the professional appearance of your business and a beautifully restored wood floor will make a positive statement to both clients and employees alike.

We were invited to restore this floor in a local gymnasium. There was a regular high rate of footfall into the studio which meant that it had become worn. Moving equipment had scratched the surface and the wood finish had discoloured slightly, making it look outdated and unsightly.

Floor Sanding HuddersfieldWe arranged a time when it would have least effect on the business and completed our tailored floor sanding service to the entire floor.

The work was carried out in a timely manner and we made sure to apply a durable wood finish that was compatible to this type of commercial setting.

We work with a diverse range of clients; we aim to go the extra mile for every project, whether domestic or commercial. Our commercial clients include schools, universities, sports halls, restaurants, care homes, hotels and bars to name a few.

Our portfolio, showcased through our floor sanding blog is a true reflection of the range of works that we take on. We are confident that you will be astounded by the transformation that is achievable with our services.

Please contact us today if you would like some advice from our experienced team or if you would like to arrange a no obligation quotation.