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Four Stages to the Perfect Wood Floor

By woodfloo On July 21, 2016 1 Comment

It is impossible to get away from the fact that first Impressions are so important. Therefore, it is key to make sure the right process, techniques and equipment are used in the restoration of your wooden flooring.

To guarantee a high quality finish key stages must be followed to ensure a long-lasting result.

Our extensive experience spans from smaller domestic jobs to large, commercial projects. Each job is approached individually and we take great pride in ensuring our clients feel valued and informed throughout the process.

It is sometimes easier to identify with a process once it has been broken down and the below infographic explains the four key stages to any wood floor restoration.

It is true that each job will have its own individual challenges and intricacies, however, the stages remain the same for all projects.

Restoring Wood Leeds

We realise the importance of knowledge and we offer an open and approachable service. We genuinely enjoy the work that we complete and part of this is discussing the best ways in which to maintain your wood floor once it has been restored. Why? Because this is our area of expertise and it provides you, our client, with value for money.

If you would like to look further into our floor sanding services please call today on 0845 4599941. We offer a free, no obligation survey so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation to complete the work. At any stage if you have any questions or would like anything explained, we are happy to discuss this with you.

How to Sand Wood Floors

By woodfloo On January 14, 2016 No Comments

Through our blog we have provided a range of information that discusses the process of how to sand wooden floors; we thought it would be beneficial to offer information via the following range of questions that we frequently get asked.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Ideally the room to be sanded needs to be cleared of all furniture and items prior to work commencing. The drum sander that is used is quite bulky so it is important that there is room to move around. If it is too difficult to move larger items such as sofas, the work can still be completed. Large items just need to be moved around; whilst this is not ideal, it can be done.

how to sand wood floors LeedsWhat will you do first?

If required, the wood boards will be repaired. Whilst floor sanding can produce a transformation that most cannot believe, it is important to remember that it is not possible to restore floor boards that are completely rotten. Boards in a deteriorated state can be replaced.

All nails must be sunken into the individual wooden boards. This will ensure that our sand paper, or worse, our sanding machinery is not damaged.

What machinery is used to sand the floor?

We use both a drum sander and an edger. We provide a dust free floor sanding process that filters the dust particles through a filtration system. This provision is highly sought after and advised with its new technologies taking the floor sanding trade by storm.

Why do I need to finish my wood floor?

Wood finishes provide a coating that provides a resistance or protection against wear and tear, staining and other deteriorating factors that can sometimes make wood floors look less than inviting. A wood finish completes the job and adds that ‘wow’ factor!

If you would like to restore your wood floor please feel free to call our helpful staff today on 0845 4599941. Transform the look of your floor with our professional floor sanding services!

The Benefits a Wood Floor Restorer Can Offer

By woodfloo On December 16, 2015 No Comments

The initial outlay of a wood floor may be more than another alternative such as carpets but their versatility and value for money can far outweigh exactly that. It is undeniable that wooden flooring provides a beautiful and practical alternative that is timeless.

High-quality solid wood floors offer durability and are equipped to tackle high-traffic areas within any home. The process of routine cleaning is relatively straight forward; dirt and dust will collect on the surface of the wood and this can be simply swept away.

Restoring wood floors LeedsDry particles are removed with ease and a wood floor that is appropriately finished will offer resistance against staining. Understanding and appreciation of the care and maintenance requirements of your wood floors is important. Mistakes when cleaning or sanding your wooden floors can be both costly and time-consuming.

This is where our experience as expert wood floor cleaning and floor sanding professionals comes into play. It allows our clients to achieve the best possible, long-lasting finish for their floors. Part of this confidence comes from our comprehensive dealing with all types of wood floors and varying challenging factors.

Another benefit is that our efficient service removes all the pressure and stress on you, our client, to gain spectacular results to create a healthier environment for your family.

Another benefit is the use of our virtually dust free sanding system; this machinery enables the production of the most smooth, durable and hard-wearing wood finish. It reduces airborne dust for our clients in comparison to the traditional method of sanding wood floors.

If you would like to enquire about wood restoration please contact us today on 0845 4599941.

Floor Sander Lincoln

By woodfloo On November 17, 2015 No Comments

A beautifully restored wooden floor can add value to your home; it is an inviting and attractive addition. The benefits go beyond simply adding character to your home as they are easy to clean and will last much longer than other floor coverings.

Our reputation of excellent workmanship is accompanied with our extensive training and comprehensive insurance. Each of these elements offer assurance to our clients of our professional approach.

Floor Sander LincolnThese images show a floor sanding job that we completed in Lincoln. We used our dust free floor sanding machinery that allows continuous movement.

Traditional methods could sometimes leave judder marks for inexperienced users and did not have the mobile extraction units that stop the extensive microscopic dust particles that used to be created.

When we arrived to complete the wood floor restoration work the flooring looked dark, worn and unattractive. Whilst a slightly distressed wood floor can look aesthetically pleasing; this was taking the term distressed to a whole new level.

On discussion of wood finishes, it was identified that this homeowner wanted a light, natural and glossy finish. They felt as though it would bring a brighter feel to the hallway and wanted the entrance of their home to be inviting.

It is easy to see how intricate this hallway was; the doorways, radiators and fixed furnishings provide challenges to ensure that a seamless finish is achieved.

The images of the completed work provide evidence of how this was achieved and our clients were ecstatic with the transformation of their wooden flooring.

If you would like to discuss the options available for floor restoration please call today on 0845 4599941. We are recognised within our industry for the high level service that we provide; we take great pride in this.

Floor Sander Hull

By woodfloo On October 7, 2015 No Comments

Wood floors that have been fitted in conservatories often suffer from some of the most difficult challenges to face floor coverings. What are these?

  • Floor Sanding HullThey are often used as an entrance to the garden so dirt, particles and other contaminants can be brought inside. These act like sand paper on the wood flooring and can age it quickly.
  • They are often bathed in sun light which works as a deteriorating factor to the wood finish. The surface can also be aged more rapidly with the direct sun light.
  • Conservatories are well-known to be warm in the summer and cold in the winter. A wood floor is affected by changes in humidity and temperature.

It is important that each of these factors are taken into account when selecting the most appropriate floor for your conservatory.

We were asked to fully restore this wooden flooring in Hull. All of the above factors had taken their toll on the floor and the homeowners were unhappy with the appearance of their aging flooring.

Floor Sander HullWe were called in to offer a survey and we gave advice on the floor sanding services that we were able to complete. We discussed the options for wood finishes that would work best for this area of the home.

The restored floor offered a more natural and hard-wearing alternative. The homeowners commented that it looked like a different floor they were so impressed. What advice did we offer our clients?

  • It would be better to place a barrier mat or anti-slip floor mat inside and outside of any entrance to an outside space
  • To ensure that the blinds are drawn when not using the space
  • To try and make sure that temperature fluctuations are not too rapid; keeping the temperature moderate year-round will help to keep the flooring looking better for longer

If you would like to enquire about the services that we offer please contact us on 0845 4599941 to discuss your options.