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Archive for the ‘Granwood Floors’ Category

How Best to Restore Granwood Flooring Hull

By woodfloo On August 22, 2016 1 Comment

Granwood floors were produced in order to find a durable and attractive solution for commercial premises.

It is well-recognised that wood floors are an extremely popular floor choice. They are well-suited to a range of commercial properties, they are timeless in their appearance and they are relatively easy to clean.

Restoring wood floors LeedsSome of the issues that are faced with wooden products is the fact that they experience expansion and contraction. This coupled with general usage and wear means that it is inevitable that scuffs, worn areas and damage will occur.

It was identified that there was a niche in the market that would better-suit commercial, high-use settings. Therefore Granwood was formulated to combat the exact issues that troubles a wooden floor.

Granwood blocks are produced by the combination of sawdust, cement and fillers. These are intensely compressed and saturated with linseed oil. This production method combated expansion and contraction issues and also offered resistance against rot and fire damage.

Granwood floor LeedsAs you can imagine this meant that an ideal commercial flooring product had been produced. Whilst Granwood is a superior product, it is likely that over time that the surface will dull and will require attention to restore it to like-new.

We have completed a large range of Granwood restoration jobs and are proud to showcase the work that we have completed. Our dust free floor sander filters the dust away which allows us to monitor our work, it keeps the air quality safe and allows for faster clean-up.

Restoration of this flooring type demands an understanding of its make-up, limitations to the sanding process and knowledge of the best finishes to offer a long-lasting surface. None of these elements can be underestimated as the likely outcome is a less than satisfactory finish.

Call today to arrange your floor restoration quotation. Our helpful staff are available on 0845 4599941.

Restoring Granwood Flooring Lincoln

By woodfloo On September 14, 2015 No Comments

Granwood floors are extremely durable and have a really interesting history. We were asked to sand and restore this Granwood floor in Lincoln. It was left looking incredible and like new.

Throughout the process of sanding and restoring the floor, the following interesting information was identified about this remarkable floor type;

  • Granwood Flooring LincolnGranwood was first invented in the 1900’s and has been continuously developing since that time.
  • It is rumoured to believe that around 70% of the UK’s indoor sports floors are Granwood.
  • Granwood floors that were laid as many as five decades ago are still in use today.

It is important that once we restore these floors that the tractional qualities of the floor are maintained. This is certainly the case for floors where sporting activities take place.

They have a proven record for durability and longevity which means that they have continued to be an extremely popular commercial flooring choice.

There are many reasons as to why this flooring is ranked so highly. The advantages are wide-ranging and often unknown.

Granwood Floor Benefits Include;

  • They are environmentally sound
  • They are resistant to fire, water, dry rot, temperature extremes and humidity
  • They are well-suited to a range of chemical cleaning solutions
  • The cleaning process is guaranteed not to warp, buckle or splinter the surface

The floor was left looking clean, striking and skilfully restored to be long-lasting. If you would like to find out more about our restoration services for Granwood floors please call today on 0845 4599941.

Correct care and the employment of a specialist restoration team is pivotal to the overall appearance and sustainability. We offer our clients important advice on how to get the best from their Granwood floor.

Granwood Floor Restoration Leeds

By woodfloo On April 23, 2014 No Comments

Whilst wood flooring is an attractive floor covering and increasingly popular in commercial premises, they have, however, issues relating to expansion and contraction, scuffs and scratches and wear in high-traffic areas. These happen through years of use and therefore a product called Granwood wood blocks was formulated to combat such concerns.

Floor Restoration LeedsRestoring wood floors Leeds







This revolutionary product combined sawdust, cement and fillers that were compressed and finally saturated with linseed oil. Once matured the blocks are not affected by expansion and contraction, they are fire resistant and rot resistant. Not only did they have these benefits but they are extremely durable and an ideal commercial flooring product.

Commercial Floor Restoration LeedsWe were invited to restore this Granwood floor in Leeds. The hall had suffered from years of use but on close inspection, it was evident that a full restoration would bring the wood floor back to its former glory, respectfully restoring its heritage.

We discussed the process of wood floor restoration with our clients and worked around their business commitments to offer minimal disruption. Our innovative floor restoration provision is fast and efficient and the images show evidence of the process that took place.

The flooring was unevenly worn and had started to look unsightly; it did not provide the right impression and our services offered a cost-effective solution.

We see a lot of Granwood floors fitted in educational establishments as they are hard-wearing and are often less expensive than traditional wood flooring to install.

Granwood floor LeedsCommercial Floor Restorer Leeds







This restoration project was extremely successful and the end images show the result that we were able to achieve. If you have any questions about restoring wood flooring in your commercial setting we invite you to call Mark on 0845 4599941.

We work hard to offer an unrivalled level of service and will leave you informed with detail of routine cleaning and maintenance to make sure that the results we achieve are long-lasting.