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Sanding Oak Flooring Leeds

By woodfloo On April 18, 2017 No Comments

We are specialists at sanding and restoring oak flooring for Leeds, Lincoln, Hull and West Yorkshire. We are passionate about beautiful oak floors and ensuring that worn, scratched or damaged floors can be restored. Why is this important?

Restoring Oak Floors LincolnWooden floors are so popular and are laid within so many homes and businesses. Daily life means that these floors are faced with challenges that can deteriorate and affect their appearance. This does not need to be a permanent condition.

Even the highest quality oak floors can experience damage which will mean that they are left generally unsightly. The floor sanding work that we complete is always completed to achieve the best possible finish.

When we arrived to complete this wood floor restoration project, it was evident that furniture and wear had damaged this oak floor. The first image shows areas where the wood finish had been removed. There were deep scratches and the finish had generally discoloured.

Sanding Oak Floors LeedsThis left a less-than-satisfactory appearance. Movement of furniture can easily damage the surface of the wood boards. Heavy furniture will quite literally scratch the existing surface from the boards.

If furniture is left in any particular area for any period of time then it is likely the surface underneath will end up being a different colour to the rest of the floor. Sun damage will alter the appearance of the floor and general usage will be less.

This oak floor was fully sanded with our expert sanding machinery. This revealed a new layer which was then prepared for finishing. Our client selected an oil wood finish. This brought out the beautiful natural wood grain and gave a completely different appearance to the original floor.

These images show how wood floors can be transformed through the floor restoration process. We are passionate about delivering an exceptional service with ongoing customer care. Please call today on 0845 4599941.