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Archive for the ‘Parquet Floors’ Category

Parquet Floor Sanding Leeds

By woodfloo On July 27, 2017 No Comments

Parquet flooring has an interesting past and stems from the French word parqueterie. Its history spans all the way back to the 1600’s. Parquet floors are essentially small blocks or strips of wooden boards that are laid to make a pattern. This pattern can be regular or geometric and can create some of the most spectacular floors and has been likened to mosaic floors.

Floor Sander LeedsWhilst it is often the advice that laying a parquet floor should not be an experience for a DIY’er, this is also the case for restoring them. Due to the way that they are laid and the fact that sometimes individual boards or blocks can be damaged, DIY restoration is steeped with challenges.

It may be that some blocks have become loose over time. Prior to any wood restoration or floor sanding work commencing, all boards should be checked to ensure that they are appropriately fixed.

We were asked to fully restore this beautiful Parquet floor in Leeds. This pattern type is called Herringbone and is arguably one of the most popular pattern types. It remains to be very popular and can be seen in many high-end properties.

Floor Sanding LeedsAs with many of our other completed jobs, this floor sanding work was part of a larger restoration project. The flooring has been unveiled and our client identified the potential in the floor straight away. They were incredibly accurate with their vision and once the old layers and coatings were removed, the beautiful boards were revealed.

The grain pattern and general quality of these boards were incredible. They had been hidden under other flooring types for so long that their potential had clearly been forgotten. We always look to offer advice on general cleaning once the boards have been restored and finished. Wood floors should be regularly cleaned using a hover and a damp cloth. If you would like to find out more about our floor sanding service we invite you to call today on 0845 4599941.

Sanding Process for a Parquet Floor Lincoln

By woodfloo On January 22, 2015 No Comments

This is a great opportunity to discuss the careful restoration of parquet floors and the importance of restoring its natural uniqueness. It is often an incredible surprise to remove a carpet during a renovation project to reveal an original parquet floor, hiding beneath.

Wood Floor LincolnIt is inevitable that the parquet blocks will require a full restoration service as being covered for many years will result in many problems that must be tackled in order to get its looking at its best.

This was certainly the case with this floor sanding job that we took on in Lincoln. All loose blocks were fully fixed. These can be identified by visible movement or by hollow sounds.

Older floors may have been fitted or fixed with different products. It is therefore important that this is recognised and the appropriate cleaning products are selected to compliment the restoration process.

Wooden Floor LincolnOur industrial sanding machinery is used with varying grit sandpapers to produce an even finish. It is an inevitable part of the job that this process requires a lot more effort if the wooden boards are covered with carpet adhesive.

An edging tool is then used to ensure that an even finish is produced. Alongside the sanding process all gaps and possible cracks are filled. Numerous rounds of sanding prepared the wood floor for the finish that was selected by our client.

We then advised our clients that no furniture should be replaced within the room until the floor was fully dried. This ensures that no damage is caused either to the wooden flooring or to our clients’ personal belongings.

The end result was a beautifully restored and durable parquet floor that is easy to maintain and provides a striking statement. If you are looking to restore a wooden floor please be assured of our professional and skilled approach. You can arrange a free quotation or request information by calling 0845 4599941.