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Wood Floor Sander Leeds

By woodfloo On February 15, 2016 Under Commercial Floor Sanding

Here is some interesting information about wood floors;

  • It is believed that estate agencies in the UK state that homes with wood floors sell much faster and for more money than those without
  • It was almost a century ago that the first mechanical sanding machine was built
  • Solid boards can be refinished upwards of ten times
  • With correct care a wood floor is likely to be able to last a lifetime
  • A harder wood is less likely to suffer dents

This image shows a wood floor sanding job that we completed in Leeds. When we arrived to complete the work the boards were in a very deteriorated state. We were unable to save some of the boards so we completed repairs where the wood boards were rotten.

Wood Floor Sanding HullThis provided us with healthy boards, capable to deal with the floor sanding process and able to stand the test of time once refinished.

The entire floor was then sanded with our top of the range dust free sanding system. It is an understatement to say that the technology behind sanding wood floors has come on leaps and bounds in recent years.

Every advancement allows us, professional sanders, to continuously ensure that we’re offering the most superior service available. Some of the machinery that we use can be seen in these images. Investment in such equipment is pivotal to the overall success of our workmanship.

Once the sanding process had been completed the boards were finished with a durable and long-lasting wood finish. The wood floor was almost unrecognisable after completion and the images show just that.

We serve all areas between Leeds, Lincoln and Hull. Demand for our services has taken us further afield so if you would like to request a detailed quotation we would urge you to call 0845 4599941.

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