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Commercial Wooden Floors Leeds

By woodfloo On November 11, 2014 Under Commercial Floor Sanding, Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding, Wood Floors

To restore a wood floor to their originally-laid natural beauty is something that we take great pride in. We are deeply passionate about wood floors and this drives us to approach each and every job with the utmost respect.

Wood Finishes LeedsIt also means that we get the opportunity to employ our skilled craftsmanship to provide the best-achievable results. This formed the base of our approach with this floor sanding job that we completed in a pub in Leeds.

The wooden floor was extensively damaged through years of use and heavy foot traffic. We completed a comprehensive survey which allowed us to provide an accurate quotation for the completion of the works. It is also an opportunity to discuss our guidance and recommendations.

Wood Finish LeedsAll gaps and imperfections were carefully filled and all boards were secured. This formed part of the important preparation alongside protecting all surrounding furniture and skirting boards.

Our industrial strength sanding equipment was then used to achieve a smooth finish. Our clients were particularly pleased to hear that we employed the use of a revolutionary dust free floor sanding system. This was important as it would virtually eliminate the residual dust created, reducing the clean-up time after the project was completed.

Wood Floor LeedsThe second image shows the light appearance of the floor when the old finish had been stripped away. We have an extensive range of wood finishes that are eco-friendly and comprehensive.

The finish needs to be tailored to match the individual requirements of the space that is being restored. This provides a floor that is both aesthetically pleasing but that is long-lasting and functional.

We strongly believe that consistently striving to offer the best results and service has aided the natural growth of our family-run business. We invite you to call on 0845 4599941 to request a FREE no obligation survey.

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  1. woodfloo
    June 22, 2015
    6:28 pm #comment-1

    Many thanks for your enquiry; our advice would be to make contact on 0845 4599941 so that we can arrange a no obligation quotation. This will allow us to survey your wood floors and offer advice on how best to proceed. Please feel free to view the other work that we have completed on our ‘Blog’ page. Many thanks, Mark

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