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Dust Free Floor Sanding Huddersfield

By woodfloo On August 6, 2015 Under Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

We are often found promoting the advantages of dust free floor sanding. It offers a solution to the dust created through the traditional methods of floor sanding.

Floor Sanding HuddersfieldWood Restoration HuddersfieldWhilst wood floors boast versatility, another huge advantage of this flooring type is the fact that they can be fully restored if, over time, they become damaged or discoloured.

Is your wood flooring possibly scratched, stained, indented or worn? Some of our clients question whether it would be possible to restore this to a striking, natural and hard-wearing wood floor once again.

Our revolutionary dust free sanding process offers a superior finish for a number of reasons. We used this innovative system on this wood restoration job completed in Huddersfield.

Here are some details that you may not know;

  • An advanced filtration systems is used which allows us to sand the wood flooring with the creation of virtually no dust.
  • Wood Finish HuddersfieldFloor Sander HuddersfieldThis provision allows us to monitor our progress throughout the sanding process. The dust is filtered away ensuring that our vision is not skewed; the result being a quicker process and faster clean-up.
  • An important aspect is that indoor air quality remains safe; this is significant for both ourselves and our clients. This offers true value and ensures that clients suffering from allergies are not affected.
  • Our sanding machinery is protected as the dust is filtered away. Our high-powered tools are not affected by any build-up of particles; so productivity remains high.

We are expertly trained in this provision and the above information pays testament to its popularity. This service is sought after and continues to promote increased demand for our floor sanding services.

We invite you to call for more information on 0845 4599941.

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