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Floor Sander Lincoln

By woodfloo On November 17, 2015 Under Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

A beautifully restored wooden floor can add value to your home; it is an inviting and attractive addition. The benefits go beyond simply adding character to your home as they are easy to clean and will last much longer than other floor coverings.

Our reputation of excellent workmanship is accompanied with our extensive training and comprehensive insurance. Each of these elements offer assurance to our clients of our professional approach.

Floor Sander LincolnThese images show a floor sanding job that we completed in Lincoln. We used our dust free floor sanding machinery that allows continuous movement.

Traditional methods could sometimes leave judder marks for inexperienced users and did not have the mobile extraction units that stop the extensive microscopic dust particles that used to be created.

When we arrived to complete the wood floor restoration work the flooring looked dark, worn and unattractive. Whilst a slightly distressed wood floor can look aesthetically pleasing; this was taking the term distressed to a whole new level.

On discussion of wood finishes, it was identified that this homeowner wanted a light, natural and glossy finish. They felt as though it would bring a brighter feel to the hallway and wanted the entrance of their home to be inviting.

It is easy to see how intricate this hallway was; the doorways, radiators and fixed furnishings provide challenges to ensure that a seamless finish is achieved.

The images of the completed work provide evidence of how this was achieved and our clients were ecstatic with the transformation of their wooden flooring.

If you would like to discuss the options available for floor restoration please call today on 0845 4599941. We are recognised within our industry for the high level service that we provide; we take great pride in this.

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