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Floor Sanding Hull

By woodfloo On May 25, 2015 Under Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

It is a well-accepted fact that being well informed is both a refreshing and vital to ensuring that our clients feel confident with the service that they are receiving.

We are deeply passionate about wood floors and the consistent high level of customer service that we have worked hard to achieve. Each wood floor deserves a skilled approach and this ensures that we are able to offer the finest finishes possible.

Wood Floor Restoration HullWood Floors Hull These pictures show a floor sanding job that we completed in Hull. A once tired-looking wood floor was carefully sanded and restored to produce a beautiful and striking natural wooden floor.

Our clients often comment on the fact that they were unaware of just how bad condition their floor had deteriorated to. It is only once that they are restored that they can identify the true transformation that has been achieved.

Here is some interesting wood floor information to leave you well informed about floor sanding;

  • Application of any wood finish, if properly applied will be long-lasting; the key to this is the application of coats and allowing sufficient drying time in between each coat
  • Floor Sanding HullFloor Sander Hull The cheapest quotation is not always the best; the process of sanding wood floors requires in depth and vital steps that some, less reputable companies may skip. The likely result is an unsatisfactorily restored floor that will need re-finishing much quicker than if completed by a professional Company such as ours
  • It is not true that you need to regularly wax your wood floors; this could even cause the floor to become slippery and may hinder the process of re-coating a new wood finish
  • Compatible stains and finishes are pivotal to the overall success of the job

We are a small, family-run business and we are motivated by the service we provide; you won’t find any aggressive sales tactics and we will always go the extra mile. We have been in business for many years and pride ourselves in employing the highest ethical business practices; call us on 0845 4599941 today.

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