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How to Sand Wood Floors

By woodfloo On January 14, 2016 Under Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

Through our blog we have provided a range of information that discusses the process of how to sand wooden floors; we thought it would be beneficial to offer information via the following range of questions that we frequently get asked.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Ideally the room to be sanded needs to be cleared of all furniture and items prior to work commencing. The drum sander that is used is quite bulky so it is important that there is room to move around. If it is too difficult to move larger items such as sofas, the work can still be completed. Large items just need to be moved around; whilst this is not ideal, it can be done.

how to sand wood floors LeedsWhat will you do first?

If required, the wood boards will be repaired. Whilst floor sanding can produce a transformation that most cannot believe, it is important to remember that it is not possible to restore floor boards that are completely rotten. Boards in a deteriorated state can be replaced.

All nails must be sunken into the individual wooden boards. This will ensure that our sand paper, or worse, our sanding machinery is not damaged.

What machinery is used to sand the floor?

We use both a drum sander and an edger. We provide a dust free floor sanding process that filters the dust particles through a filtration system. This provision is highly sought after and advised with its new technologies taking the floor sanding trade by storm.

Why do I need to finish my wood floor?

Wood finishes provide a coating that provides a resistance or protection against wear and tear, staining and other deteriorating factors that can sometimes make wood floors look less than inviting. A wood finish completes the job and adds that ‘wow’ factor!

If you would like to restore your wood floor please feel free to call our helpful staff today on 0845 4599941. Transform the look of your floor with our professional floor sanding services!

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