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Wood Floor Sanding Bradford

By woodfloo On June 22, 2015 Under Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding

The results that we can achieve through expert floor restoration are incredible. We have always discussed the benefits of dust free floor sanding and the way in which the service has transformed the provision of sanding wood floors.

Floor Sanded Bradford Whilst it has provided a solution to the creation of dust through traditional methods there is so much more detail about this process that is fascinating. The following information offers benefits that most our clients are unaware of.

The dust free sanding machinery uses advanced filtration systems which allows the process to happen without the creation of dust. When discussing work with clients, the dust produced through the traditional methods was almost always a factor that dissuaded them from employing a floor sander in previous times.

Following seamlessly on from this, the lack of dust lets our skilled craftsmen to monitor their work during the sanding process. Both surface dust and airborne dust is filtered away which speeds up the process and means that clean-up time is reduced. Indoor air quality remains at a safe level.

Sanding Process BradfordFrom another perspective a benefit of the dust being extracted into protective bags means that our sanding machines are not affected by the build-up of particles which could adversely affect their effectiveness.

If you have had any work completed in your house you will have inevitably experienced the negative aspect of the dust getting everywhere, even if you go above and beyond to cover up furniture and belongings. This has propelled the popularity of dust free services.

This was certainly the case on the job that we completed in Bradford. The homeowners had experience of building work and were adamant that the virtually dust free provision was the only way in which they’d look to have their conservatory floor sanded.

The wood floor had experienced a range of superficial damage and the quotation process allowed us the opportunity of discussing the possible outcomes through wood floor restoration. It is always great to receive such positive feedback and our clients admitted that they had avoided the conservatory because they felt as though the floor was unsightly. They were now pleased that they could have this space back.

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