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Wood Floor Finishes Leeds

By woodfloo On March 5, 2014 Under Wood Finishes

An area that often leaves our clients feeling most confused is the topic of wood floor finishes and the options that are available for the finishing stages of the wood floor restoration process.

There are a large amount of wood finishes available; however, this should not mean that it has to become daunting. In fact, the time we spend with customers, providing them with information and detail should mean that they are left feeling equipped to make an informed decision.

Wooden Floor Finishes LeedsThe end result will be a wooden floor that will match seamlessly into the d├ęcor of your home or business. This forms part of everyday business ethos in aiming to provide the best possible level of customer service. Different clients require individual levels of assistance throughout the process and we make sure to provide all clients with an unrivalled experience.

Once the procedure has been completed we will then offer information on floor cleaning products. Having this information and utilising it on a regular basis means that the results last as long as possible.

It is so important to the overall success of your floor restoration project that you are confident in your choice of wood finish. The above image shows sample finishes that we completed for a client. It provides evidence of just how different looks can be achieved. Our finishes bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain.

If you have any questions about either our floor sanding services or the varying finishes that are available for your wood floors, we invite you to contact Mark on 0845 4599941.

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