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Restoring Wooden Stairs Leeds

By woodfloo On July 26, 2017 Under Wood Floor Restoration

We often discuss the wood floor restoration that we complete and the transformations we achieve. There are many reasons as to why individuals look to restore their wooden surfaces. These may be:

  • Restoring Wooden Stairs LeedsTo further protect the wooden surface from wear and tear or damage. Once the surface layers of protection have been worn away, the natural wood is revealed and can easily be damaged.

    The reason that wooden surfaces are finished is to protect the product and this is a really important role. All wood finishes need to be re-applied and the surface monitored for any deterioration.

  • To look for a transformation. It may be that a floor or surface has become dated. It may be that an individual is looking for a cost-effective way of bringing character to a space.

    Either way an area of your home can be completely altered with a simple and straightforward consideration.

Wood Restoration LeedsThis was certainly the case with this wood restoration project we took on in Leeds. The original image shows the dated aesthetic appearance of these wooden steps. We knew that a full restoration job alongside some modernisations would really transform their look.

To start with the stair tread trim was removed in order to be replaced with a wooden alternative. All surfaces were then fully sanded with our dustless sanding system. This provided a smooth and even surface to be finished. A hard-wearing alternative was needed to suit the use of the space.

Are you looking for a wood floor sander? We serve Leeds, Lincoln, Hull and West Yorkshire and have time-served experience in the trade. It is our responsibility to ensure the smooth running of your floor sanding project and to deliver a finish that is unrivalled by our competition. We invite you to contact us today on 0845 4599941. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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