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Why Wood Floors?

By woodfloo On July 22, 2015 Under Wood Floors

As well as supplying information about floor sanding; we also like to keep our potential clients and existing customers informed about the true advantages of wooden floors.

There are wide-ranging reasons why someone would choose to lay a wood floor in their home or business and the following information pays testament to the popularity and success of this intrinsically beautiful floor covering.

It is important to consider the fact that installing wood floors is a life-long product that will not only offer aesthetic natural beauty but durability and versatility. This can be shown in the below information:

Why Install A Wood Floor?

Wood Floor Cleaner Bradford– Wooden flooring is easy and straightforward to maintain; maintenance of this floor requires little more than sweeping and vacuuming. Three top tips are;

  • To ensure that your floor is protected from moisture and heavy wear which will inevitably create scratches.
  • To use preventative methods such as rugs, mats, floor protectors to protect the floor
  • Employ the use of an experienced hardwood floor cleaner. Incorrect usage of products can damage the floor, contribute to additional wear and may cause failure when recoating in the future.

– Installing a wood floor adds value to your property; it is widely understood that wood floors are a sought after hard surface flooring in homes and businesses that are being built and remodelled.

– This floor type is a natural resource; which means that it is sustainable. There are strict and stringent rules with regards to forestry nowadays which means that new growth is managed in line with felling.

– Variety; there are huge variations available that alter in finishes, type, size, colours and design. This means that a type can be selected to compliment the space that you are covering.

– The creation of a healthier living environment; wooden floors do not harbour dust mites, moulds or allergens that often saturate some other floor coverings. Reduced toxins produce improved indoor air quality.

If your wood floor is looking dull, lifeless and worn please contact us today on 0845 4599941 to arrange a wood floor restoration quotation.

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