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Wood Floor Cleaner Bradford

By woodfloo On June 15, 2015 Under Wood Grain

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and this could never be truer than with this set of images for a wood floor restoration project that we completed in Bradford.

Wood Floor Damage Bradford Wood Floor Sanders Bradford Wood Floor Sanding Bradford









The first three images show how deteriorated the wooden floor was prior to sanding. The last three images show the transformation that we achieved. Our clients, with our advice and help, chose a wood finish that brought out the natural beauty and wood grain.

Wood Floor Cleaning Bradford Wood Floor Cleaners Bradford Wood Floor Cleaner Bradford









This completely changed the feel of the room; when we arrived it looked dated and uninviting and once restored it provided a sophisticated and welcoming appearance. We ensure that all wood finishes are appropriate for the usage of the space and that it offers a hard-wearing and long-lasting result.

Although the damage to this wood floor was superficial there is a huge range of issues that wood floors can suffer from.

Some Wood Damage Issues Include:

Wood buckling; there are a couple of reasons that can cause wood to buckle. This may stem from moisture or wetness. Another reason is that when a floor is installed that it is not fitted with adequate clearance around its perimeter. It is accepted that a larger area will require a larger clearance space.

Wood cupping; this can also occur from moisture on the wood boards. The wood will swell on the side that is most moist. Whether this is a minor or major problem, the moisture problem will need to be eradicated. Minor cupping can be sanded, however, if the area is severely affected a replacement repair may be necessary.

Gaps between floorboards; gaps may occur due to moisture but it is likely that a floor affected by gaps may not have had the opportunity to acclimatise prior to installation. Natural swelling and contractions will therefore create small gaps.

Surface scratches and dull areas; this is likely the most superficial wood damage and can be fully removed with an in-depth sanding process. A finish coating will be applied to the whole floor, producing a seamlessly beautiful floor.

Our TOP TIP is to seek professional help; different issues require an individual and tailored approach. It is possible that inadequate repairs can cause further damage and will possibly result in a full replacement. Call us today on 0845 4599941.

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